Based on Distributive Design, Gio tackles how finished products are made while improving the designer, producer, customer's relationship.
Through its design process, Gio discusses local production, knowledge sharing and production sovereignty. Gio is a lamp made of stone, wood offcuts and 3d printed bio-plastic.
Gio is a lamp made of stone, wood offcuts and 3d printed bio-plastic.
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Today, designers need to think about disruptive models and innovative production solutions to ensure the transition toward a sustainable economy.
The democratisation of local production methods could tackle the established industry where mass-produced products are made. Nowadays, using local materials combined with sharing knowledge and local manufacturing machines is essential to increase local economic prosperity and self-sufficiency in making qualitative products.
We think of Gio as a system which embodies local production innovation.
-  a designed aluminium lamp
-  a DIY wooden coat rack
-  a board game for children
We used offcuts of Belgian stones called "Hainault blue stone" as the Gio structure. We decided to use durable, noble and time-resistant material offcuts to keep resources in circulation. The use of materials that become more beautiful with time is a way to bring longevity to objects. The stone was milled with a "Mekanika" CNC, an affordable open-source CNC router.  

We seek to involve people to work with local materials that embody the specificities of the regions and the geological landscape. Through democratic manufacturing methods, Gio shows the possibilities of producing our own finished objects.
The technical and adaptable parts were 3D printed with with various organic filaments.
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