Leaf is an interior lamp made from various upcycled materials.

Leaf is an ongoing project, acting as a material study and an upcycling design manifest. Leaf is about mastering the use of common and wasted materials. It can be seen as a statement on how we approach today's product.
Leaf is an interior lamp made from various upcycled materials.
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Leaf is an interior lamp made from upcycled materials. Its simple yet smart design allows a cheap production for a durable product. The user can move the shutters to change the light direction.
When the light source is covered, leaf produces smooth ambient lighting and can be converted to a directional spot for a more dramatic effect.
Upcycling is the process of transforming waste materials into new products with a better environmental value. We transformed materials taken from industrial offcuts with local manufacture tools and machines to produce the lamp for the leaf project.
-  a designed aluminium lamp
-  a DIY wooden coat rack
-  a board game for children
The challenge resides in the declension of different materials and finding ways to transform them and improve their values. We started this research with wood and metal wastes, and we will continue to produce Leaf with various materials.
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